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Unified platform for Orchestration, Observability and Data Operations
Orchestra is a managed solution for Data Orchestration, Data Observability and Data Operations.
The platform is the most reliable and efficient way for data practitioners (technical and non-technical) to achieve the following:
  • GitOps: gain a system of record for data pipelines using a declarative approach
  • Managed Integrations: easily access integrations to data SAAS tools
  • Orchestration: execute and monitor tasks across the data stack
  • Observability: gather metadata from across the data stack to provide a single pane of glass for rapid debugging and pipeline maintenance
  • Lineage: view metadata in the context of a graph that unifies data assets such as files, tables, third-party SAAS tools and Business Intelligence ("BI")
  • Best practices: Version-control, environment management, and testing can be built-in to the platform to ensure operations follow data best practices and teams achieve data quality
  • Managed infrastructure: minimise DevOps and Platform Team overhead by using Orchestra's cloud to execute and monitor data tasks
  • Security: Using Orchestra's secure cloud to be the source of data operations minimises risk
  • Support: draw on our technical team's wealth of expertise to ensure pipelines and data quality experience minimal data downtime
We are a team of data practitioners and software practitioners focussed on building a platform that allows teams to release data into production reliably and efficiently. We've experienced the pain of using open-source orchestration packages, managing infrastructure in the cloud, and running complex data operations. Orchestra is the point solution for orchestrating data pipelines in accordance with Continuous Data Integration and Delivery best practices that combines flexibility with the power of the cloud.
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